• Missed Connections

    Missed your text message.
    Going to the dining hall.
    Had a picnic there.


    Please: When? Where? Why? Who?
    Some physical descriptions?
    Could be anyone.

  • Hawai'i

    He’s not that beastly.
    He’s a mongoose with rabies.
    And has mosquitoes.


    You know ’bout chiggers?
    They burrow into your skin,
    drop off, become nymphs.

  • Eyes High

    The subway tunnels.
    You seldom see the ceiling.

    But I know it’s there.

  • What a Hint

    Two men just dropped by.
    They left me eighty boxes.
    Guess it’s time to move.

  • Warmth

    A lawn, some sail boats.
    Old brick peeks through a dull mist.
    A happy train ride.

  • Open Face

    I went to JCrew. “I thought you worked here,” they said. Made that mistake twice.


    Was it your wardrobe
    Or your stunning t-shirt fold?
    Future in retail!

    ah, twice to me, too:
    american apparel.
    do i look coked out?

    Thursday through Monday.
    Plus, you always go shopping
    In just your undies.

  • It's My Party

    I seldom regret.
    Usually waiting is fine.
    Sometimes it is not.

  • Theology

    Be fearful of Lent.
    If He hasn’t yet risen,
    Aren’t Christians at risk?


    Nope. The coast is clear.
    Satan UFCs all day
    With Zombie Jesus.

  • Portability and Power

    One Laptop per Child? Get off it, Negroponte. I love my Acer.


    Says two-laptop boy
    To one-laptop school-aged child:
    “Get a job, flunky.” (kjo)

  • Music Around Us

    Carol of the Bells.
    Pocahontas. Evita.
    What is in common?

    Funeral parlor playlist.
    Someone thought it decorous.